The Parkside story is one of rich history and diversity.

Bruno Tapiolas Vila

Bruno Tapiolas Vila

The Parkside brand didn’t start in timber, but in farming and agriculture when Bruno Tapiolas Vila, a Spanish immigrant arrived in Australia in 1911. Bruno saw Australia as the land of opportunity and from humble beginnings, little did Bruno know that over 100 years later the family business would grow into a multifaceted Queensland business known as the Parkside Group.

The story is said to start with Bruno wanting to build a home for his young family soon after World War 2 but building materials were in short supply but he had learned that the timber he needed to build the home could be bought on the Atherton Tableland. Undaunted, he borrowed a truck and travelled some 400 kilometres north through rough bush tracks to buy what he needed.


Word had travelled around that he had found the timber he needed and before Bruno got home, he had sold all of the timber to his neighbours for a handsome profit. After all this he hired that truck again and went and got another load of timber - but again he was offered much more for it than he paid for it upon his return to Ayr.

From necessity, Bruno saw the opportunity and a fledgling timber business was born with the start of the timber sales and joinery business in Ayr in 1947.

Not only satisfied with selling building materials, Bruno decided to start his own building company which has now grown to become one of Queensland’s largest project home builders with well over 12,000 homes built for Queenslanders.

With sweat and determination, the company, now with Bruno’s 3 sons Wilfred, Brunie and Joe grew very quickly and the company needed a guaranteed supply of timber to supply the expanding business.


Parkside acquired the first sawmill at Eungella in 1962 and now with their own sawmill and a continued growth in demand, Parkside expanded their timber sales and building materials business to Townsville in 1966.

In 1972 there was an opportunity to acquire a much larger and efficient sawmill in Mackay and the Eungella mill was closed. The Mackay sawmill provided an opportunity to expand the timber and building business further and quickly grew to become a dominant player in North Queensland.

A change in government policy forced the closure a number of mills across Queensland including the Parkside mill in Mackay.

However, the Tapiolas family did not lose their passion for timber and in 1989 when the opportunity came, acquired the Builyan Sawmill from Boral. Over the next decade, Parkside also acquired additional mills at Theodore, Wandoan and Eidsvold.

The latest acquisition in the sawmilling division was the Wondai North (a dry mill) and Wondai South (a green mill) in 2005. In 2012, the Wondai dry mill received a major upgrade which has changed the quality and quantity output of this mill and put this sawmill on par with world class hardwood manufacturing.

The Tapiolas family saw Australia as the land of opportunity and embarked on land and commercial development with the first residential estate in Ayr in 1941 and in Townsville in 1966.

Today, 100 years after Bruno Tapiolas Vila first arrived in Australia, he and his family’s vision has materialized with Parkside now a major player in the timber, home building and development industries. With Bruno’s death in 1978, his three sons, with the same skill and determination guided the company through enormous growth across all facets of the business.

The vision that started 100 years ago continues today with the 3rd generation of the Tapiolas family with Wilfred, Robert and Peter now at the helm of the multi-facet Parkside Group.

As a private family business, the Tapiolas family understand the importance of forming lasting relationships with all our customers. We appreciate the importance of your success as this in turn; will lead to our success.